Roof Membranes


Roofcote CRC

Roofcote CRC

Our most popular Concrete Roof Tile & aged Colorbond® Iron Roof restoration Membrane. Premium semi-gloss. Available in 40+ colours. 25+ Colours to match Colorbond® and some Acryloc favourites. Supplied as 13.5L of water-based acrylic tint-base in a 15L pail; 1.5L of the chosen colour Universal Tint Pac is mixed in prior to use/sale.

Roofcote Supa Cool

Roofcote Supa Cool

Our flagship Heat Reflecting Roof Membrane. Premium semi-gloss finish. Available in 40+ colours. Colours to match Colorbond®. Supplied as 13.5L of water-based acrylic tint-base in a 15L pail; 1.5L of the chosen colour "Reflectacote" Tint Pac is added prior to use/sale.

Roof Primers

Primerbond Roof Restore-1

Primerbond Roof Restore

Our premium penetrating primer for use with our Roofcote Supa Cool & CRC top coats for roof restoration. Excellent for chalky & porous Concrete Roof Tiles and aged Colorbond®. Clear, water based acrylic. Supplied ready to use.

Primerbond Maxi High Build

Primerbond Maxi High Build

High Build undercoat/filler coat for masonry surfaces, particularly for weathered concrete roof tiles. Water-based, helps to achieve smoother top coat finish on rough substrates. A coat of Primerbond Roof Restore must be used prior to applying Maxi High Build.

Primerbond Metal & Galv

Primerbond Metal & Galv

Water-based galvanised steel & ferrous metal primer. Light grey in colour, range of Can sizes for small to large jobs. Particularly suited to airless spray application. Available in 4L, 10L, 15L.6.5-10 m² per Litre per coat

Primerbond Roof Recoat-1

Primerbond Roof Recoat

Acryloc Primerbond Roof Recoat is a ready to use, clear drying, penetrating and binding primer, designed to penetrate and bind the surface of a previously painted roof.

Prep & Additives

Flexible Pointing

Flexible Pointing

Star Point Flexible Roof Tile Pointing Compound, Acrylic based, for pointing over the bedding mortar on roof capping tiles. Pre coloured. Use straight from the pail. Range of colours available.

Mould Rid

Mould Rid

Apply to a clean surface just before painting and "leave on". Food grade biocide, kills residual moss & lichen spores & inhibits re-growth. Particularly good for masonry surfaces.

Roof Clean

Roof Clean

Apply on hard to clean substrates prior to high pressure cleaning. Eg. Roofs, paths, driveways. Helps remove moss, lichen, dirt, grease, oils & stains. Clean off thoroughly before painting.

Rust Converter

Rust Convertor

Concentrated light rust treatment, suitable for use after mechanical removal of heavy rust. Dilution with water dependent on surface condition, see Technical Data Sheet. Low odour.



Acryloc Extenda can be added to selected products to slow the drying and increase the “open” time. Only use where instructed in the relevant Technical Data Sheet

Roofcote™, Simply Better Roof Membranes

Acryloc is one of the largest Roof Paint manufacturers in Australia.
Insist on the Roofcote™ system to restore your roof to its former glory.
Our Flexible Membranes give an attractive semi-gloss finish and long-term weather protection.
Choose the legendary Roofcote CRC or choose our Roofcote Supa Cool as a Heat Reflecting option.
Both are highly durable roof membranes and are available in a wide range of colours, including a match to all Colorbond Steel colours.
The Roofcote system includes preparation materials, Roof Clean™ and Mould Rid™ and a range of Primerbond products to suit most roof surfaces.
Our CRC and Supa Cool Roof Membranes are supplied for use by Licensed and Approved Applicators.
Weatherblock® Roof & Gutter is available for DIY use.

Colour Disclaimer

A selection of available colours is shown for illustration purposes.
Variations between different devices mean that the colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
Ask for a colour sample to assist with your choice.
Colour names marked ® or ™ are trademarks of Bluescope Steel Ltd.

Tint Pac Selector Chart Available in store… Full Tint Pac Range of 40+ colours / 25+ Colorbond colours etc.


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Approved Users & Tradespeople

Acryloc Roofcote products are applied by trained and accredited applicators.

We take great care to ensure that these people have the product knowledge to select the best material for the roof type and that they have the application know-how, the correct equipment and a history of perfoming good work.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and our staff has extensive experience in roof restoration and in the development and application of a range of paints and other coatings so we are able to provide full technical support and product advice.

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