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Texture Coats - Trowel On

Acryloc Patch

Acryloc Patch

For Patching & Skim Coating on fibre cement, painted masonry, polystyrene, AAC or concrete. Add Portland Cement to set butt joints and beads. 10-12m² per 15L pail as a skim coat.

Eco-Tex Fine & Medium

Eco-Tex Fine & Medium

Trowel On texture coatings in a Fine or Medium finish. Full range of bases allows tinting to a wide range of colours. A top coat of Acryloc Armourflex is recommended. 15-19m² per 15L pail Fine, 13-16m² Medium

Marblecoat Medium

Marblecoat Medium

Marblecote - Medium Build
Marble based exterior texture coating for a superior finish. Can be tinted to a wide range of colours. A top coat of Acryloc Armourflex is recommended. Spread Rate 12-14m² per 15L pail

Eco-Tex Scratch

Eco-Tex Scratch

Trowel on Sand based texture with a small amount of larger granules for a ‘scratch’ finish, usually applied either in a swirl pattern or straight line ‘drag’ pattern. A top coat of Acryloc Armourflex is recommended. 7-12m² per 15L pail

Patch Fine

Acryloc Patch Fine is a durable, versatile, water based material for patching, filling, setting beads and skim / base coating on a wide range of substrates

Patch Coarse_15L

Patch Coarse

Patch Coarse is a durable, water based material for skimming and filling imperfections on a wide range of substrates

Texture Coats - Roll On

Moroccan Fine

Moroccan Fine

Roll On Sand based exterior texture coating. Various surface finishes can be achieved with selected rollers. A top coat of Acryloc Armourflex is recommended. ~25m² per 15L pail. Available in 5L & 15L & Rustic Coarse 5L & 15L

Rustic Coarse

Rustic Coarse

Roll On Sand based exterior texture coating. Various surface finishes can be achieved with selected rollers. A top coat of Acryloc Armourflex is recommended. ~20m² per 15L pail. Available in 4L, 15L

Cement Renders

Wallcote Featherweight HB

Wallcote Featherweight HB

Light Weight, polymer modified, high build render, up to 20mm thickness in one pass. Can be used on most substrates, excellent adhesion. 15kg bag covers 1m² at 15mm thickness.


Wallcote FR

Fibre reinforced, cement based render, designed for use on AAC and similar substrates. Off-White in colour, polymer modified. 20kg bag, covers 2-4m²

Wallcote HPS Mock Up

Wallcote HPS Render

Wallcote HPS (High Polymer Strength) Render is a multi-purpose, one component, highly polymer modified render requiring only the addition of water to give excellent workability and superior adhesion to Low Porosity surfaces such as non weathered EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), painted masonry surfaces and EIFS (External Insulation Finishing Systems)


Wallcote Pro

Polymer modified cement based render. Can be used on most substrates, superior adhesion. Trowel or machine application. Off White in colour. 20kg bag covers 2.5-3.5m²


Wallcote Trade

General purpose cement based render. Ideal for masonry where medium to high build is required, trowel or machine application. Light Grey in colour. 20kg bag covers 1.5-2.5m²

Protective Membranes



Armourflex Impact Coating provides highly durable, long-term protection of masonry and other external surfaces. Available in Low Sheen or Masonry Matt. High build makes it ideal for coating fibreboard, cement render, tilt panel etc. Tintable. Low Odour, Water based formula. 8-10m² per Litre per coat, less on rough surfaces. Available in 5L, 10L, 15L


Armourflex Extreme

Acryloc Armourflex Extreme is a high performance, high build, water based acrylic, protective coating for interior and exterior surfaces. The high film build and inherent flexibility of Armourflex Extreme gives excellent crack bridging properties and, combined with excellent water resistance, make it ideal for high level protection on new substrates and for remedial work over hairline cracks.


Primerbond Grip Coat

Primerbond Grip Coat

Primerbond Grip Coat is a masonry primer with added grit to provide a mechanical key for texture coating on smooth surfaces such as Tilt-Up concrete.and paint coats.

Primerbond Masonry Concentrate

Water-based masonry primer/sealer, off-white in colour, suitable for a wide range of substrates. Supplied as a concentrate, dilute 1:1 with water before use. Reduces top-coat absorption.

Primerbond Grip Coat

Primerbond Rendercoat

Primerbond Rendercoat bonds to a range of substrates, helps block efflorescence and provides even suction and excellent adhesion for subsequent texture and paint coats.

Eco-Tex Scratch

Primerbond Green Render

Acryloc Primerbond Green Render is an advanced masonry primer and sealer, deigned to reduce the normal site mixed
cement render 28 day waiting period before the texture process.
Primerbond Green Render assists in increasing adhesion and reducing absorption of the topcoat on "fresh" site mixed or
acrylic render, is water resistant, is vapor permeable, is alkali resistant, and helps block efflorescence.

Prep & Additives



Acryloc Extenda can be added to selected products to slow the drying and increase the “open” time. Only use where instructed in the relevant Technical Data Sheet. Available in 5L $ 15L

liquid bond

Liquid Bond

Liquid bond increases the bonding strength, adhesion and impact resistance of cement based render mixes. Refer to Technical Data Sheet for addition rates. Available in 5L $ 15L

Panel Kleen

Panel Kleen

Acryloc Panel Kleen is a water based detergent product that removes oil based mould release agents and bond breakers from new concrete surfacess.

Wallcote™, Simply Better Render & Texture

Texture your world with our range of fashionable finishes to suit brick, concrete, fibre cement, foam, AAC, proprietary panels and lightweight concrete, whatever the surface we have the answer.

From preparation with our Primerbond range to the finish coat of Armourflex Protective Membrane, plus Cement based Renders and Acrylic Texture Coats, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the convenience of Moroccan Fine or Rustic Coarse Roll-on Texture Coats, ideal for DIY makeovers or new concrete
Or choose our Trowel-On Marblecote, Eco-Tex or Scratch Texture Coats.

And we supply wall panels, fixings, sealants and tools if required.

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Variations between different devices mean that the colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
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Colour names marked ® or ™ are trademarks of Bluescope Steel Ltd.

We have over 20,000 colours in our database. We can colour match samples and competitor colours.


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