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Specialty Coatings

Bunker Seal

Bunker Seal

A semi-gloss, elastomeric coating developed as a stitching sealer for grain storage tarpaulins. Acryloc Bunker Seal provides a tough, flexible, air tight barrier for fumigation. Available in 20L pails.

Court Cote

Court Cote

Sports Court & Pavement Coating. Slip resistant coating for concrete & asphalt surfaces. Supplied as a tint base to which any of our 35+ Standard Tint Pac colours can be added. Tough, water-based, easy to apply.

Liquid Pigment

Liquid Pigment

Liquid Pigment can be added to a range of cement based products (eg mortar or concrete) to provide a finished colour. Added at a rate of 3 – 6% at the mixing stage, Liquid Pigment provides vivid, long lasting colours

Walling Systems

Masterwall Cladding system

Masterwall Cladding system

Foam Panels
Choose between two Codemark approved systems, Rendex or Masterwall.


Fibre Cement

Quality Fibre Cement sheeting from an Australian manufacturer plus everything required to install, fix and coat.

Nasahi AAC Panels

Nasahi AAC Panels

Nasahi AAC
A real alternative, Codemark approved, novel brick pattern system to reduce visible joins, 50mm and 75mm panels available plus everything required to install, fix and coat.

Machines & Tools

Primerbond Wallboard Sealer

Paint Brushes & Rollers

DIY brushes through to top quality professional products, Rollers for all surfaces, Roller Frames and Trays, Extension Poles & value for money Roller Kits.


Pressure Cleaning

Serious duty machines, no toys here. 13 hp and higher. Machines, Hoses & Turbo Nozzles.


Render & Texture Tools

Polyurethane, Hard Plastic, Sponge and Polystyrene Floats in a range of sizes and shapes. Screeds, Scoops, Hawks, Rub Bricks and a range of quality Trowels for your render & texture work.

Roof & Gutter

Roof & Gutter

Everything for Roofing trades.
Check out the Hytile range here
Recycled tiles in all major brands and profiles.
Flashing, Leaf Guard, Sarking etc.

Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Workhorse machines ideal for Roof Restoration work, full range of other machines available. Tips, Guns, Tip Extensions and Hoses, Filters, Oil, Gaskets, Parts & Repair Kits. Everything to keep your machine in perfect running order.


Beads, Trims, Mesh

Beads, Trims, Mesh

UV stabilised rigid PVC Beads & Trims. Large range of profiles and sizes in stock. Australian made with 10yr warranty.
Intex steel beads & trims in Interior (galv) and Exterior (powder coated, Aluminium & Stainless grades.
Alkali Resistant mesh, 160GSM, range of widths



We stock a wide range of Screws, Nails and Pop Rivets for walling and roofing applications


Glues & Sealants

Adhesives for every purpose, including Gap Filler, Construction Adhesive, Silicon Sealant, Spray Adhesives, Polyurethanes & Caulking Guns



Masking Tapes, Papers & Dispensers for all Masking requirements. Cloth & Plastic Drop Sheets and rolls of plastic for large areas.

Everything you Need for Your Project

Need Brushes, Rollers, Tools, Masking Tape or Drop Clothes?

Hytile equipment, Heavy Duty Pressure Cleaners or Spray Painting machines?

Perhaps Wall Panels, Fixings, Corner Beads, Sarking, Glues & Sealants or a Whirly Bird for the roof?

We aim to be a One Stop Shop for our Customers. If you don’t see it, ask and we will try to get it for you.

Our Specialty Coatings range includes Court Cote for Sports Courts, Bunker Seal, our stitching sealer for grain storage tarpaulins and Liquid Pigment for colouring concrete.


Top Tips

  • guide

    Check Installation Manuals for Walling Systems

  • glue

    Use the correct Masking, Glue and Sealant for the job

  • spray

    Change your Spray Tip regularly to reduce waste

  • clean

    Clean your tools and equipment straight after use

  • ladder

    Make sure that ladders are sturdy and in good condition